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Stock Portfolio Management Software

There are many stock portfolio management softwares’ available that are designed for effective implementation of the portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular stock portfolio management softwares are mentioned below.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is basically a personal stock portfolio management system that enables the traders to track the sold and bought stocks along with any related dividends by investing minimal time and effort. Traders can maintain a complete stock trading diary without need to update a spreadsheet continually. This information is of utmost importance for improving the trading strategy.

Traders can view the performance of their portfolio anytime throughout the year. Traders can have the knowledge of their current status of their portfolio by analysing the statistics on open trades as well as historical trades.

With portfolio managers, traders can generate easy to use reports without any hassle and paperwork. It also allows them to make savings by avoiding the accountant fees.

Stock Portfolio Management SoftwareAdvantages of Portfolio Manager

· Easy to use wizards that allows quick and simplified data entry.

· Auto or manual stock price updates

· Management of multiple Portfolios

· Tracking of all the stock transactions and related dividends

· Enables the traders to sell shares for gaining maximum tax benefits

· Facility of optional accounts that allows the traders to track total used funds and available funds

· Incorporates the information regarding the trading plan like disaster stops targets etc

· Allows the traders to maintain Trade diary for storing any extra information

· Generates quick and easily available reports

· Ensures data security as the portfolio is stored on individual’s PC only

Personal Stock Monitor

Personal Stock Monitor is basically a portfolio management system by CollabInvest(sm) and Integrated Trading. It allows the traders to manage all of their investment accounts, holdings and watchlists in one place. Traders can work together with their friends in realtime. It also allows the traders to do tracking, trading and research more opportunities quickly. Investors can make quick and better decisions by easily available analysis.

Personal Stock Monitor provides following benefits for the investors.

· New stock screener support

· Portfolio management and reports

· Script extensions and customization

· Technical analysis with custom indicators

· Up-to-the-minute news and research

· Streaming real-time quotes and charts

· Easy chart and portfolio sharing

· Receive trade confirmations

· Alerts, including email and SMS

· Place live orders


Investar is a Stock Portfolio Management Software that offers wide range of benefits for anyone who likes to invest in Indian Stock Market including Portfolio Managers, Broker, Chartered Accountant, Technical Analyst, Short-Term/Long-Term Trader, Day Trader, student, and any other individual Investor.

Benefits for Traders

· Traders can get new Stock Ideas daily and analyze the fundamentals for selecting the stocks for investing.

· Traders can make correct decisions about buying or selling by analyzing the Technical aspects.

· Enables the traders to import transactions effortlessly from the broker and continuously track the portfolio.

· Traders can utilise the portfolio technical view for keeping track of the technical pictures of all the Portfolio Holdings.

· Traders can improve his/her buy/sell timings with the help from portfolio Buys/Sells on the Chart.

· Traders can utilize effective Money Management principles by applying Portfolio Alerts and Stop Losses.

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Project Portfolio Management Software

There are many Project portfolio management softwares’ available that are designed for effective implementation of the Project portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular Project portfolio management softwares are mentioned below.

Project Portfolio Management Software Atlantic Global Project Portfolio Management Software

Atlantic Global PLC is a famous Project Portfolio Management Software provider that improves the set up, communication and delivery of projects across the organisation. This project portfolio software allows the companies to get benefitted by providing following advantages.

· Achievement of long-standing strategic objectives

· Better communication of information

· Greater organisational efficiency

· Securing the investment in portfolio

· Optimisation of resources

· Maximise business opportunities

· Real-time business critical information

This software enables the following functionality across various sections.

Demand Planning

· Create Weekly and Monthly Demand

· Forecast Resource Demand

· Quickly input Multiple Demand Lines

· Import Demand

· Copy Demand from existing Forecasts

Expenditure Planning

· Input Weekly or Monthly Expenditure

· Forecast Project expenditure

· Quickly input Multiple Expenditure Lines

· Copy Expenditure from existing Forecasts

Resource Management

· Claim Supplied Resources

· Analyse Resource Allocations by Project

· Allocate Resources

· Analyse Resource Capability

Financial Management

· Manually input Project Budgets

· Create Budgets on the basis of Resource and Expenditure Forecasts

· Forecast Resource Demand and Expenditure

· Create multiple Budget versions

· Create Baseline Budgets

Daptiv Project Portfolio Management Software

Daptiv is considered as the leading on-demand PPM solution that has more than 80,000 subscribers. It provides assistance to various companies in improving the execution of their strategic planning. It offers flexible PPM solutions along with professional services by experts.

Popular Daptiv PPM Solutions

· Daptiv PPM for IT: It offers a widespread set of tools that allows the companies to manage their IT portfolio along with the maintenance of balance between IT initiatives and business priorities continuously.

· Daptiv PPM for Enterprise PMO: It assists companies with Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMO) to manage work holistically and align strategically across the company.

· Daptiv PPM for PMO: It assists companies with Program Management Offices (EPMO) in the management of their risks, resources, budget and schedule across numerous projects.

· Daptiv PPM for Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB): It assists the smaller companies in managing the projects and enhances the teamwork for achieving business success. project portfolio management software is a Web Based Project Management Software that maximizes the productivity of any company by assisting in tracking a portfolio of projects as well as single project. It addresses the requirements of complete project including portfolio managers, project managers, team members and executives. It offers accurate information on the status of all the projects in the portfolio and delivers the real-time reporting for tracking the distributed projects.

Empower Teams: It empowers project team members by providing the complete project workspace for logging and managing their individual contributions.

Drive Collaboration: It incorporates various unified social media tools that enable information sharing across the project life cycle.

Maximize Accountability: It enables the Project Managers to track the progress of projects with exceptional accountability and keeps them on tight budget and schedule.

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Portfolio Management Software

Portfolio Management Software Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software is a program that assists the organizations to implement portfolio management system effectively. PPM software that is suited to business model will enhance the ability of the portfolio managers to align projects with strategic objectives.

Features of Portfolio Management Software

· An effective approach to PPM software helps in successful decision making by clearing the multi project visibility. PM Managers can effectively identify Human resource talents and ensure their full potential is put to good use on needed projects.

· The portfolio management software is exceptionally useful in the management of the multiple projects that have shared resources within a company. PM Managers can organize multiple projects into specified portfolio by using various methods. The projects are systematized and prioritized in a regular manner by using the portfolio management software’s. These programs also led to the improvement in the efficiency of the managers or the executives.

· The portfolio management software assists the managers in framing key decisions and enhances their productivity. These programs have made decision reviewing much simpler. The various transactions related to the portfolio management are done easily with PM software.

· It enables the portfolio managers to evaluate business excellence and adhere to the project strategy. In the portfolio management, even a minor mistake can lead to big losses. That’s why, by using the services of PM software, one can avoid evaluate and analyse the large volume of data effortlessly without any human error.

· A comprehensive portfolio management software allows the PM Managers to implement the planned strategies swiftly and rapidly progress towards the intended goal. The specified business goal is achieved by using this system and organization is greatly benefited. This system takes care of every aspect carefully for ensuring that the project is rendered.

Benefits of portfolio management software

· Portfolio management software plan provides faster response to shifting transaction conditions.

· Portfolio management software ensures that projects in the portfolio are constantly reviewed and changed are made for producing the highest gains.

· Portfolio management software system provides complete solutions

· Portfolio management software system helps in determining the dependencies between projects easily.

· Portfolio management software system allows convenient method for expedient leveling.

· Portfolio management software system helps in presenting criticism of every management level and pints out the weak links in performance.

There is a large number of portfolio management software’s available in the market today. The PM software provides huge benefits to the organisation in terms of managing their portfolio. These programs act as a helping tool in making business plan and implementing the business strategy in professional manner.

Things to consider before selecting Portfolio Management Software

Before selecting portfolio management software, portfolio management has to consider the following aspects.

· Developing Business Strategies/Objectives

Increasing Revenue: It includes increasing revenue by diversifying the product line or increasing the market share or expanding into a new international market.

Reducing Costs: It includes reducing inventory, improving processes and outsourcing noncore activities like portfolio management

Increasing Market Share: It includes integrating elements of revenue-based objectives.

· Aligning the Business Model

· Vision and Mission

· Corporate Culture

· Business Infrastructure

· Thinking Up the Business Roadmap

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MProfit is a basically a desktop portfolio management software that is widely used for tracking LIC policies, stocks, MFs, FDs, ULIPs, insurance policies, property, gold and many other asset classes for Indian investors as well as for NRIs.

Features of Mprofit

Mprofit  · Efficient management of numerous individual and group portfolios

· Tracking the combined investments of the complete family through its grouping feature

· Enables the management of large number of assets such as PPF, ETFs, FDs, Stocks, ULIPs, Insurance policies, Private equity, Bonds, MFs, property, art, gold, silver, and others

· Allows the portfolio managers to import data from online portals, excel sheets, contract notes, CAMS/KARVY, others

· Offers Auto price updates for mutual funds, ETF NAVs and stocks with 15 minutes delay

· Generate reports for, asset allocation, profit/loss reports, annualized returns, capital gains and others

· Allows tracking income from all assets including rental, dividend, interest, and other sources

· Enables the users to set Reminders or Alerts for various activities such as end of lock-in periods, maturity dates and premium dues

· Provides Data Security by saving all the financial data locally on the computer

· Provides Database update for mutual funds, ETFs, newly listed stocks, and company name change updates

· Offers software updates such as newly added reports and features

· Allows varying password controlled access for owner (full access) and users

· Provides support for internet proxy settings

Mprofit for Stock investors

Stock investors can have the following benefits by using Mprofit

· Tracking of the purchase & sale transactions in simplified and known contract note format

· Importing data from multiple brokers and Excel sheets

· Helps in tracking annualized return (XIRR), current value, Daily gain and overall gain

· Provides support for merger & demerger transactions, bonuses, splits, etc

· Generate First In First Out (FIFO) based reports on Intra-day, short term and long term capital gains

· Generate profit/loss reports on the basis of average purchase price for traders

· Tracking dividends obtained from companies

Mprofit for Mutual Fund & ETF investors

Mutual Fund & ETF investors can enjoy the following advantages of Mprofit

· Tracking of purchase & sale transactions

· Managing buy, sell, dividend reinvestment and addition of bonus units

· Enables tracking of mutual fund schemes

· Helps in tracking annualised return (XIRR), current value, Daily gain and overall gain

· Allows the users to import data from mutual fund registrars like CAMS and KARVY and online portals such as Prudent Corporate Advisory,, NJFundz, and others

· Enables the users to set reminder alerts for Lock-in period for MFs

With Mprofit, users can import their Data for variety of sources

· Online portals

· Excel templates

· Back office files

· Digital contract notes


Mprofit allows the portfolio managers to manage Multiple Portfolios & Groups by creating multiple portfolios, grouping the portfolios for creating a family group portfolio, adding portfolio to multiple groups and generating various group reports for tracking the performance of the group portfolio.

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Investar is a Portfolio Management Software that offers wide range of benefits for anyone who likes to invest in Indian Stock Market including Portfolio Managers, Broker, Chartered Accountant, Technical Analyst, Short-Term/Long-Term Trader, Day Trader, student, and any other individual Investor.

Investar Benefits for Traders

· Traders can get new Stock Ideas daily and analyze the fundamentals for selecting the stocks for investing.

· Traders can make correct decisions about buying or selling by analyzing the Technical aspects.

· Enables the traders to import transactions effortlessly from the broker and continuously track the portfolio.

· Traders can utilise the portfolio technical view for keeping track of the technical pictures of all the Portfolio Holdings.

· Traders can improve his/her buy/sell timings with the help from portfolio Buys/Sells on the Chart.

· Traders can utilize effective Money Management principles by applying Portfolio Alerts and Stop Losses.

Benefits for Technical Analysts

· Enables the technical analysts to utilize 60 Indicator, Candlestick and Fundamental Scans for receiving Stock and F&O Ideas daily for generating Stock Picks for the Clients

· Allows the technical analysts to perform Technical Analysis by utilizing powerful indicators and drawings

· Technical Analysts can also save settings in Chart Templates for using with different stocks

· Analysts can increase efficiency by analyzing numerous charts in less time periods

Benefits for Brokers and Chartered Accountants

· Brokers and Chartered Accountants can update their client Portfolio easily by using ODIN utility

· Brokers and Chartered Accountants can use investor portfolio management software for calculating the F&O Capital Gains, Long-Term, Intraday, and Short-Term gains. These can be sent as an exported file to the clients.

Benefits for Novice Investors

· Beginning investors can check their Stock Picks by using in-built Expert Advisor that acts as a Stock Guru.

· Expert Advisor enables the beginners to learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis

· Expert Advisor allows import transactions effortlessly from broker and regularly monitors the portfolio.

Features of Investar 2.0 Portfolio Management Software


· Number of Portfolios (Addons Available)

· Broker Accounts per Portfolio

· Total Broker Accounts in all Portfolios

· Maintain Trading Diary (with note-taking facility)

· Track Stocks

· Track Futures

· Track Options

· Tradebook Import


· Reliance Money

· Contract Note Import

· Angel Broking

· Balance Equity

· Canara Bank Equities

· Capstocks

· DB International

· Edelweiss

· Five Paise

· Geojit

· Guiness

· IDBI Capital

· Karvy

· MFGlobal

· Motilal Oswal

· Religare

· RMoney

· ShareKhan

· ShreiRam Insight

· Miscellaneous Import

· Import Transactions from CSV files

· Import Transactions from Odin Transaction File

· Portfolio Views

· Holdings View

· Quotes View

· Technicals View

· Fundamentals View

· Capital Gain/Loss Analysis

· Intraday/Short Term/Long Term /F&O Capital Gain/Loss Calculation

· Export Capital Gain/Loss Report to CSV

· Miscellaneous

· View Buy/Sell Transactions on Chart

· Adjust Portfolio for Stock Splits, Dividends

· Buy and Sell a Stock from Chart

· Show Stop Loss Line on Chart

· View Holdings of specific scrip

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HyperSoft PMS

HyperSoft PMS is a Portfolio Management Software designed by HyperSoft technologies Ltd that allows real time valuation and effortless management of stock and trading portfolios. It is among the leading stockbroker and back-office software vendor of India. It deals with various portfolios including stocks, derivatives and fund shares.

Features of HyperSoft PMS

HyperSoft PMS · HyperSoft PMS allows the users to track stocks and investments in FD, IPOs, and others. It enables the tracking of Maturity and Premium Dates.

· User can enter transactions manually or retrieved them directly from broker’s database.

· Users can track limitless number of Portfolios.

· Users can generate reports on wide variety of Portfolios

· Users can also retrieving their transactions directly from their Broker’s database by using backoffice web login. Moreover, users can also get the details of the transactions extracted & e-mailed from broker’s backoffice.

· Users can retrieve various transactions that allows in keeping the records updated easily.

· Users can perform real-Time valuation of stocks along with refresh interval setting.

· Users can do real-time comparison with BSE & NSE rate. It also enables the users to do exchange-wise percentage of change since last trading day.

· Users can also get automated price updates by retrieving daily and historical closing prices via exchange’s website.

· Users can also get access to Capital Gains Reporting that includes detailed or summarised reports with Long-Term, Stock watch, Portfolio Value, Negative Balances, Speculation, Financials, short-Term options.

· HyperSoft PMS offers Report Publishing Support by exporting all the reports to Excel or text formats.

· HyperSoft PMS provides graphing facility where extensive graph options enables the users to view their portfolios in various ways. Users can compare performance and gain insight into variety of positions. Users can get access to Industry wise (sector wise) Graphs.

Modules of the HyperSoft PMS Software

(Module 1) Masters: Accounts Opening Balances, Enter Investor Details, Market Types, Investor, Scrips , Brokerage Rates , Stock watch entry etc

(Module 2) Settlement Dates Closing Rates, Deposit Types, with NSE ND / Record / Bk Closure Dates

(Module 3) DailyProcess : remove trades , Trade entry, cancel bills , DC / Acknowledgement , closing rate capture, Import Trades retrieved in a file , Billing,

(Module 4) Cash/Bank Entry: Bank Payment, JV, Funds Transfer Voucher, Cash Receipt , Enter Funds Payout as Cash Payment, Bank Receipt, Enter Funds Payin as Cash Payment

(Module 5) SaudaReports with Sauda Book, Financial Ledger, Party Scrip Ledger, Scrip Ledger,

(Module 6) FinReports with DC/Bill Register, General Ledger, Journal, Balance Sheet, List of Accounts, Trial Balance, Cash/Bank Book , Bank Reconciliation Statement

(Module 7) Portfolio Management with Portfolio Balances , Opening Balance Entry , Sector/Industry-wise Portfolio with graph , Stock Quotes, Capital Gains , Corporate Actions posting,

(Module 9) Demat / Stocks with Manual Demat Reconciliation, Depository Participant Entry , Demat Entry , Exec Date Entry , Party Depository Details Entry, etc

(Module 10) Investments with NSC, LIC, Fixed Deposits, IPO & Reminder

(Module 11) Utilities with Change Password, , User Management, , Backup , change Investor, Restore database , etc.

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Investment Portfolio Management Software

There are many Investment portfolio management softwares available that are designed for effective implementation of the portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular Investment portfolio management softwares are mentioned below.

FC Portfolio

FC Portfolio is an investment management software solution that provides one robust platform for investment management including investment accounting, reporting, and other client-related tasks. This software is available on various platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, Web Based, and others.

Investment Portfolio Management Software Features of FC Portfolio

· Integrated General Ledger

· Check Writing

· Interfaces with Brokers

· GIPS-compliant Performance Reporting

· Coverage of Wide Range of Securities

· Automated Broker Reconciliation

· Reports distribution engine

· Client Management and Billing

· Workflow engine

IMS (Investment Management Solution)

IMS refers to the integrated investment management solution that provides management of asset class in multiple currencies. This software is available on various platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, Web Based, and others.

Portfolio management features

· yield curve analysis

· complete history of activity

· scenario tool

· what if analyses

· reporting

· NAV/unitization

· Rules based modelling/compliance

· breakout allocations and returns

· audit controls

· performance measurement

· risk analytics

· Accounting features

· reconcilement

· flexible query


Xpose3 is basically an advanced and next generation software platform that provides support for integrated decision making, execution as well as reporting for making sound investments. This software is available on various platforms including Windows and Linux/Unix.

Features of Xpose3

· Custom User Interface

· Fixed-Income Products

· Legacy System Integration

· Customizable Fields

· Futures

· Multi-Portfolio Management

· Reporting

· Mutual Funds

· Customizable Reporting

· Derivatives

· Multi-Currency

· Daily Accrual Accounting

· Multi-Language

· Equities

· Customizable Functionality

· Performance Metrics

· Data Import/Export

· Market Analysis

· Fund Management

· Workflow Management

· Risk Management

Portfolio Director

Portfolio Director is an investment portfolio management system that provides concise way of managing multiple accounts on one robust platform. It allows the investors to create new accounts and manages the detailed information almost effortlessly. It provides market updates, portfolio yields, accounts yields, allocation reporting, benchmark comparisons, consolidated reports, and others.

Portfolio Director is designed to fulfil the requirements of investment advisory firms, investment professionals, tax accounting firms, family offices, and high net worth individuals. This software is available on various platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, Web Based, and others.

Features of Portfolio Director

· Customizable Fields

· Bonds

· Equities

· Customizable Reporting

· Futures

· Daily Accrual Accounting

· Performance Metrics

· Multi-Portfolio Management

· Mutual Funds

· Stocks Management

· Accounting Integration

· CRM Integration

· Fixed-Income Products

· Reporting

· Alternative Asset Control

· Data Import/Export

· Percent Asset Billing

· Customizable Functionality

· Account Management

· Benchmarking

· Option Trading


WealthNET is investment management software designed by eFINSERVE and it provides suite of wealth management products including Portfolio Tracker, portfolio management services, IPOs, HNI, MFs, and Insurance. This software is available on various platforms including Windows, Linux/Unix, and Web Based.

Features of WealthNET

· Internal Controls Management

· Real Estate Management

· Multi-Portfolio Management

· Customizable Functionality

· Multi-Currency

· Legacy System Integration

· Reporting

· Fund Management

· Commission Management

· Mutual Funds

· Custom User Interface

· Data Import/Export

· CRM Integration

· Performance Metrics

· Account Management

· Customizable Reporting

· Bonds


· Customizable Fields

· Accounting Integration

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Fund Manager

Fund Manager is renowned and powerful portfolio management software that comes in various versions such as Personal, Professional, or Advisor versions.

· Personal Version : Designed for individual investor

· Professional Version : Designed for professional trader

· Advisor version : Designed for investment advisor

Features of Fund Manager

  • Fund Manager Asset Type and Investment Goal Allocation: With the help from Fundmanager, it is possible to assign each investment in percentages to upto hundred asset types, and hundred investment goals. Users can analyse their allocation and performance by using Graphs and reports in these categories.

  • Automated Price Updates: Fund manager enables the users to retrieve daily and past prices from the internet.
  • Reports : Fundmanager allows the users to select any 19 available report types. It also has the feature of “Custom” report that provides more than 250 available fields to select. These reports are flexible and users can generate his/her desired format.
  • Graphing : Fundmanager comes with extensive graph options that enable the users to view their investments and portfolios in different ways. It is easy to compare performance and gain insight about various positions. There are 36 customizable graph types to choose from.
  • Bond Support : Users can calculate accrued interest, and get access to variety of bond information including annual income, yield to maturity, next payment date, current yield, etc. The Bond Summary report provides the summary of all the bond holdings while the Income Schedule report comprises of the details of all the upcoming payments.
  • Markers : Markers are shown on graphs for various activities including Buy, Sell, Splits, Price Alerts, Distribution, Notes, Un-Specified Lots, etc
  • Trendlines : Trendlines are a special type of marker that can be drawn on any of available graphs.
  • Investment Records Management : With fundmanager, users can record their transaction history for limitless number of portfolios and investments. Users can also track the various investments types such as options, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, cash, and others.
  • Multiple Currency Support : Users can track investments in more than 25 different currencies.
  • Import Transaction History: Fundmanager provides support for transaction data from diverse variety of sources such as Generic import for specifying the format of incoming data.
  • Retrieve Transactions: Fundmanager retrieves the transactions from Broker or Fund Company directly that helps in easier updating of records.
  • Yield Calculations: With fundmanager, users can perform True GIPS (AIMR) compliant return calculations. There are multiple yield types available to report that tracks the performance of money and underlying investment.
  • Hierarchical Portfolios: Users can track limitless number of portfolios with each portfolio can have limitless hierarchical sub-portfolios. Users can also display graphs/reports on any sub-portfolio.
  • Capital Gains Reporting: Fundmanager provide support for various methods of reporting including First in First out (FIFO), Specific Lot accounting and Average methods. Capital Gain reports offer all the information needed for reporting taxes.
  • Price Alerts: Fundmanager can select from diverse types of price alert including moving average alerts, sfixed price, or trailing stop loss.

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Financial Portfolio Management Software

There are many financial portfolio management software’s available that are designed for effective implementation of the portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular financial portfolio management software’s are mentioned below.

Stator portfolio management software

The Stator portfolio management software is basically a complete suite of portfolio software’s that enables the investors to measure and comprehend various aspects of their financial returns. It is equally effective for both casual investors and experienced traders.

Features of Stator

Financial Portfolio Management Software Historical Data Access: It enables the investors to connect to historical price data such as ASCII textfiles, or PCE file formats. Once it is linked to historical data, investors can enjoy the following functionality.

· Open/Closed Equity Curves

· Retrospective finance cost calculation and applications

· Historical portfolio snapshots

· Historical Open Equity Curves

· Portfolio P/L performance

· Trade (Open/Closed) P/L performance vs time

OWL Software Personal Portfolio Manager

The OWL Personal Portfolio Manager assists the investors in managing investments by keeping separate accounting for different portfolios (upto 999). It enables the investors to set up portfolios for brokerage accounts, retirement planning, what-if analysis, children’s college funds and much more. It comes with the report generator that allows the investors to generate customized report by including any combination of portfolios that span over wide range of dates.

The OWL PPM keeps the investor updated regarding the individual portfolio and entire portfolio performances. It computes annualized yield and dollar value of unrealized capital gains automatically for easy analysis of the performance. Moreover, PPM also tracks and prepares charts of the net worth of portfolios.

PPM assists the investors in analyzing the investments by using powerful technical analysis charts including relative strength, price/volume, trend analysis, on-balance volume, moving averages, stochastic, correlation analysis, asset allocation, Wilder’s RSI, and others.


Act4Advisors is a portfolio management tool that utilizes the Sage ACT which is a famous contact management system. Act4Advisors customizes Sage ACT to be used for financial services and analysis. It enables the investors to organize prospect and client data. Investors can also stay on top of activities by keeping pace with the challenging schedule. It comes with Addon for ACT feature that is designed especially for financial professionals.

Sage ACT! Software is widely popular and provides wide range of benefits to their finance professionals. It offers ease of usage and powerful features that can be mastered in only few minutes. Investors can track business and enjoys easy access to data that is required for their practice.

Computer Design FPM

Computer Design FPM provides Financial Portfolio Management System that is designed for fulfilling the financial investments needs of novice as well as experienced investors. It offers many services related to the effective investment accounting functions and investment management operations. FPM is used by hedge funds, investment trusts, family offices, private client investment managers, fund managers, etc.

FPM provides integrated front, back and middle office operations. Some of the major FPM functions comprises of order management, compliance, client and investment relationship management, performance measurement and investment accounting.

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Easy Life Professional

Easy Life Professional is renowned portfolio management software that is designed for the efficient management of wide variety of products including stocks, Mutual Funds, LIC, Post office Savings, Fixed Deposits, Real Assets, Gold, and others.

Features of Easy Life Professional

Stocks and Mutual Funds Management

Easy Life ProfessionalFor Indian investors, Stock market and mutual funds are considered to be primary investment regions. It allows the users to manage share market and mutual fund transactions in spontaneous and simplified manner.

Easy Life features in-built lists of various listed companies on NSE and BSE. It allows the users to upgrade this list online continually. It generates various reports like Capital Gains Statement, Stocks and Mutual Fund Portfolio, and other useful reports. Thus, it functions as comprehensive mutual funds and share investment management tool.

Funds Flow & Loan Management

Users can keep track of all he cash flows including inflow and outflow in any transaction. Easy Life enables the user to enjoy comprehensive personal finance management by managing funds flow on following accounts.

· All investments in financial markets

· Assured return investments

· Real estate, jewellery and precious metals

· Income

· Expenses

· Sale or purchase of assets

· Borrowed loans such as Housing loan, vehicle loan, etc

· Managing computation of capital and interest in monthly installments

Life Insurance and General Insurance Management

Life insurance policies present a major investment area for all the Indian investors. Hence, users can make timely premium payments and ensures proper management of life insurance policies.

Easy Life features list of all life insurance companies operating in India. For LIC, the largest company in life insurance arena in India, Easy Life® also has built-in list of all its schemes.

Post Office Savings Schemes

The Indian Post Office has a vast network throughout India and offers a number of small savings schemes to investors in India. Most investors in India have significant investments in post office saving schemes and hence it is important to manage these investments.

Easy Life provides comprehensive management of investments in post office saving schemes. In addition to savings bank account, these schemes also include Monthly Income Scheme, Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Scheme, Indira Vikas Patra, National Savings Certificate, Recurring Deposit, Kisan Vikas Patra, etc.

Fixed Deposits and Investments with Assured Returns

Easy Life assist the users in managing all the investments and offers timely reminders on due installments, due interest or due maturity amount. This enables you to make your claims in time when needed and also keep track of various receipts for interest that are due on debentures, maturity amounts, lended loans, bonds, fixed deposits and others.

Real Estate, Jewellery and Precious Metals

The management of investments in financial investments is widely sought by investment management companies, investors, and financial advisors. Easy Life stretches the management of investments apart from financial instruments by allowing the users to manage investments in vehicles, Consumer durables / furniture, Electronic goods, Gold, silver, diamond jewellery, Land and buildings such as residential complexes and commercial property.

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