Easy Life Professional

Easy Life Professional is renowned portfolio management software that is designed for the efficient management of wide variety of products including stocks, Mutual Funds, LIC, Post office Savings, Fixed Deposits, Real Assets, Gold, and others.

Features of Easy Life Professional

Stocks and Mutual Funds Management

Easy Life ProfessionalFor Indian investors, Stock market and mutual funds are considered to be primary investment regions. It allows the users to manage share market and mutual fund transactions in spontaneous and simplified manner.

Easy Life features in-built lists of various listed companies on NSE and BSE. It allows the users to upgrade this list online continually. It generates various reports like Capital Gains Statement, Stocks and Mutual Fund Portfolio, and other useful reports. Thus, it functions as comprehensive mutual funds and share investment management tool.

Funds Flow & Loan Management

Users can keep track of all he cash flows including inflow and outflow in any transaction. Easy Life enables the user to enjoy comprehensive personal finance management by managing funds flow on following accounts.

· All investments in financial markets

· Assured return investments

· Real estate, jewellery and precious metals

· Income

· Expenses

· Sale or purchase of assets

· Borrowed loans such as Housing loan, vehicle loan, etc

· Managing computation of capital and interest in monthly installments

Life Insurance and General Insurance Management

Life insurance policies present a major investment area for all the Indian investors. Hence, users can make timely premium payments and ensures proper management of life insurance policies.

Easy Life features list of all life insurance companies operating in India. For LIC, the largest company in life insurance arena in India, Easy Life® also has built-in list of all its schemes.

Post Office Savings Schemes

The Indian Post Office has a vast network throughout India and offers a number of small savings schemes to investors in India. Most investors in India have significant investments in post office saving schemes and hence it is important to manage these investments.

Easy Life provides comprehensive management of investments in post office saving schemes. In addition to savings bank account, these schemes also include Monthly Income Scheme, Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Scheme, Indira Vikas Patra, National Savings Certificate, Recurring Deposit, Kisan Vikas Patra, etc.

Fixed Deposits and Investments with Assured Returns

Easy Life assist the users in managing all the investments and offers timely reminders on due installments, due interest or due maturity amount. This enables you to make your claims in time when needed and also keep track of various receipts for interest that are due on debentures, maturity amounts, lended loans, bonds, fixed deposits and others.

Real Estate, Jewellery and Precious Metals

The management of investments in financial investments is widely sought by investment management companies, investors, and financial advisors. Easy Life stretches the management of investments apart from financial instruments by allowing the users to manage investments in vehicles, Consumer durables / furniture, Electronic goods, Gold, silver, diamond jewellery, Land and buildings such as residential complexes and commercial property.

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