Financial Portfolio Management Software

There are many financial portfolio management software’s available that are designed for effective implementation of the portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular financial portfolio management software’s are mentioned below.

Stator portfolio management software

The Stator portfolio management software is basically a complete suite of portfolio software’s that enables the investors to measure and comprehend various aspects of their financial returns. It is equally effective for both casual investors and experienced traders.

Features of Stator

Financial Portfolio Management Software Historical Data Access: It enables the investors to connect to historical price data such as ASCII textfiles, or PCE file formats. Once it is linked to historical data, investors can enjoy the following functionality.

· Open/Closed Equity Curves

· Retrospective finance cost calculation and applications

· Historical portfolio snapshots

· Historical Open Equity Curves

· Portfolio P/L performance

· Trade (Open/Closed) P/L performance vs time

OWL Software Personal Portfolio Manager

The OWL Personal Portfolio Manager assists the investors in managing investments by keeping separate accounting for different portfolios (upto 999). It enables the investors to set up portfolios for brokerage accounts, retirement planning, what-if analysis, children’s college funds and much more. It comes with the report generator that allows the investors to generate customized report by including any combination of portfolios that span over wide range of dates.

The OWL PPM keeps the investor updated regarding the individual portfolio and entire portfolio performances. It computes annualized yield and dollar value of unrealized capital gains automatically for easy analysis of the performance. Moreover, PPM also tracks and prepares charts of the net worth of portfolios.

PPM assists the investors in analyzing the investments by using powerful technical analysis charts including relative strength, price/volume, trend analysis, on-balance volume, moving averages, stochastic, correlation analysis, asset allocation, Wilder’s RSI, and others.


Act4Advisors is a portfolio management tool that utilizes the Sage ACT which is a famous contact management system. Act4Advisors customizes Sage ACT to be used for financial services and analysis. It enables the investors to organize prospect and client data. Investors can also stay on top of activities by keeping pace with the challenging schedule. It comes with Addon for ACT feature that is designed especially for financial professionals.

Sage ACT! Software is widely popular and provides wide range of benefits to their finance professionals. It offers ease of usage and powerful features that can be mastered in only few minutes. Investors can track business and enjoys easy access to data that is required for their practice.

Computer Design FPM

Computer Design FPM provides Financial Portfolio Management System that is designed for fulfilling the financial investments needs of novice as well as experienced investors. It offers many services related to the effective investment accounting functions and investment management operations. FPM is used by hedge funds, investment trusts, family offices, private client investment managers, fund managers, etc.

FPM provides integrated front, back and middle office operations. Some of the major FPM functions comprises of order management, compliance, client and investment relationship management, performance measurement and investment accounting.

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