Fund Manager

Fund Manager is renowned and powerful portfolio management software that comes in various versions such as Personal, Professional, or Advisor versions.

· Personal Version : Designed for individual investor

· Professional Version : Designed for professional trader

· Advisor version : Designed for investment advisor

Features of Fund Manager

  • Fund Manager Asset Type and Investment Goal Allocation: With the help from Fundmanager, it is possible to assign each investment in percentages to upto hundred asset types, and hundred investment goals. Users can analyse their allocation and performance by using Graphs and reports in these categories.

  • Automated Price Updates: Fund manager enables the users to retrieve daily and past prices from the internet.
  • Reports : Fundmanager allows the users to select any 19 available report types. It also has the feature of “Custom” report that provides more than 250 available fields to select. These reports are flexible and users can generate his/her desired format.
  • Graphing : Fundmanager comes with extensive graph options that enable the users to view their investments and portfolios in different ways. It is easy to compare performance and gain insight about various positions. There are 36 customizable graph types to choose from.
  • Bond Support : Users can calculate accrued interest, and get access to variety of bond information including annual income, yield to maturity, next payment date, current yield, etc. The Bond Summary report provides the summary of all the bond holdings while the Income Schedule report comprises of the details of all the upcoming payments.
  • Markers : Markers are shown on graphs for various activities including Buy, Sell, Splits, Price Alerts, Distribution, Notes, Un-Specified Lots, etc
  • Trendlines : Trendlines are a special type of marker that can be drawn on any of available graphs.
  • Investment Records Management : With fundmanager, users can record their transaction history for limitless number of portfolios and investments. Users can also track the various investments types such as options, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, cash, and others.
  • Multiple Currency Support : Users can track investments in more than 25 different currencies.
  • Import Transaction History: Fundmanager provides support for transaction data from diverse variety of sources such as Generic import for specifying the format of incoming data.
  • Retrieve Transactions: Fundmanager retrieves the transactions from Broker or Fund Company directly that helps in easier updating of records.
  • Yield Calculations: With fundmanager, users can perform True GIPS (AIMR) compliant return calculations. There are multiple yield types available to report that tracks the performance of money and underlying investment.
  • Hierarchical Portfolios: Users can track limitless number of portfolios with each portfolio can have limitless hierarchical sub-portfolios. Users can also display graphs/reports on any sub-portfolio.
  • Capital Gains Reporting: Fundmanager provide support for various methods of reporting including First in First out (FIFO), Specific Lot accounting and Average methods. Capital Gain reports offer all the information needed for reporting taxes.
  • Price Alerts: Fundmanager can select from diverse types of price alert including moving average alerts, sfixed price, or trailing stop loss.

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