HyperSoft PMS

HyperSoft PMS is a Portfolio Management Software designed by HyperSoft technologies Ltd that allows real time valuation and effortless management of stock and trading portfolios. It is among the leading stockbroker and back-office software vendor of India. It deals with various portfolios including stocks, derivatives and fund shares.

Features of HyperSoft PMS

HyperSoft PMS · HyperSoft PMS allows the users to track stocks and investments in FD, IPOs, and others. It enables the tracking of Maturity and Premium Dates.

· User can enter transactions manually or retrieved them directly from broker’s database.

· Users can track limitless number of Portfolios.

· Users can generate reports on wide variety of Portfolios

· Users can also retrieving their transactions directly from their Broker’s database by using backoffice web login. Moreover, users can also get the details of the transactions extracted & e-mailed from broker’s backoffice.

· Users can retrieve various transactions that allows in keeping the records updated easily.

· Users can perform real-Time valuation of stocks along with refresh interval setting.

· Users can do real-time comparison with BSE & NSE rate. It also enables the users to do exchange-wise percentage of change since last trading day.

· Users can also get automated price updates by retrieving daily and historical closing prices via exchange’s website.

· Users can also get access to Capital Gains Reporting that includes detailed or summarised reports with Long-Term, Stock watch, Portfolio Value, Negative Balances, Speculation, Financials, short-Term options.

· HyperSoft PMS offers Report Publishing Support by exporting all the reports to Excel or text formats.

· HyperSoft PMS provides graphing facility where extensive graph options enables the users to view their portfolios in various ways. Users can compare performance and gain insight into variety of positions. Users can get access to Industry wise (sector wise) Graphs.

Modules of the HyperSoft PMS Software

(Module 1) Masters: Accounts Opening Balances, Enter Investor Details, Market Types, Investor, Scrips , Brokerage Rates , Stock watch entry etc

(Module 2) Settlement Dates Closing Rates, Deposit Types, with NSE ND / Record / Bk Closure Dates

(Module 3) DailyProcess : remove trades , Trade entry, cancel bills , DC / Acknowledgement , closing rate capture, Import Trades retrieved in a file , Billing,

(Module 4) Cash/Bank Entry: Bank Payment, JV, Funds Transfer Voucher, Cash Receipt , Enter Funds Payout as Cash Payment, Bank Receipt, Enter Funds Payin as Cash Payment

(Module 5) SaudaReports with Sauda Book, Financial Ledger, Party Scrip Ledger, Scrip Ledger,

(Module 6) FinReports with DC/Bill Register, General Ledger, Journal, Balance Sheet, List of Accounts, Trial Balance, Cash/Bank Book , Bank Reconciliation Statement

(Module 7) Portfolio Management with Portfolio Balances , Opening Balance Entry , Sector/Industry-wise Portfolio with graph , Stock Quotes, Capital Gains , Corporate Actions posting,

(Module 9) Demat / Stocks with Manual Demat Reconciliation, Depository Participant Entry , Demat Entry , Exec Date Entry , Party Depository Details Entry, etc

(Module 10) Investments with NSC, LIC, Fixed Deposits, IPO & Reminder

(Module 11) Utilities with Change Password, , User Management, , Backup , change Investor, Restore database , etc.

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