Investar is a Portfolio Management Software that offers wide range of benefits for anyone who likes to invest in Indian Stock Market including Portfolio Managers, Broker, Chartered Accountant, Technical Analyst, Short-Term/Long-Term Trader, Day Trader, student, and any other individual Investor.

Investar Benefits for Traders

· Traders can get new Stock Ideas daily and analyze the fundamentals for selecting the stocks for investing.

· Traders can make correct decisions about buying or selling by analyzing the Technical aspects.

· Enables the traders to import transactions effortlessly from the broker and continuously track the portfolio.

· Traders can utilise the portfolio technical view for keeping track of the technical pictures of all the Portfolio Holdings.

· Traders can improve his/her buy/sell timings with the help from portfolio Buys/Sells on the Chart.

· Traders can utilize effective Money Management principles by applying Portfolio Alerts and Stop Losses.

Benefits for Technical Analysts

· Enables the technical analysts to utilize 60 Indicator, Candlestick and Fundamental Scans for receiving Stock and F&O Ideas daily for generating Stock Picks for the Clients

· Allows the technical analysts to perform Technical Analysis by utilizing powerful indicators and drawings

· Technical Analysts can also save settings in Chart Templates for using with different stocks

· Analysts can increase efficiency by analyzing numerous charts in less time periods

Benefits for Brokers and Chartered Accountants

· Brokers and Chartered Accountants can update their client Portfolio easily by using ODIN utility

· Brokers and Chartered Accountants can use investor portfolio management software for calculating the F&O Capital Gains, Long-Term, Intraday, and Short-Term gains. These can be sent as an exported file to the clients.

Benefits for Novice Investors

· Beginning investors can check their Stock Picks by using in-built Expert Advisor that acts as a Stock Guru.

· Expert Advisor enables the beginners to learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis

· Expert Advisor allows import transactions effortlessly from broker and regularly monitors the portfolio.

Features of Investar 2.0 Portfolio Management Software


· Number of Portfolios (Addons Available)

· Broker Accounts per Portfolio

· Total Broker Accounts in all Portfolios

· Maintain Trading Diary (with note-taking facility)

· Track Stocks

· Track Futures

· Track Options

· Tradebook Import


· Reliance Money

· Contract Note Import

· Angel Broking

· Balance Equity

· Canara Bank Equities

· Capstocks

· DB International

· Edelweiss

· Five Paise

· Geojit

· Guiness

· IDBI Capital

· Karvy

· MFGlobal

· Motilal Oswal

· Religare

· RMoney

· ShareKhan

· ShreiRam Insight

· Miscellaneous Import

· Import Transactions from CSV files

· Import Transactions from Odin Transaction File

· Portfolio Views

· Holdings View

· Quotes View

· Technicals View

· Fundamentals View

· Capital Gain/Loss Analysis

· Intraday/Short Term/Long Term /F&O Capital Gain/Loss Calculation

· Export Capital Gain/Loss Report to CSV

· Miscellaneous

· View Buy/Sell Transactions on Chart

· Adjust Portfolio for Stock Splits, Dividends

· Buy and Sell a Stock from Chart

· Show Stop Loss Line on Chart

· View Holdings of specific scrip

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