Job Opportunities for Portfolio Managers

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A Portfolio Manager can perform wide variety of roles related to the financial aspects in an organisation. There is a good demand for qualified and specialised portfolio managers in the financial industry. The career in portfolio management is regarded as one of the most desirable and rewarding careers in the financial industry. A Portfolio manager usually has the exposure to diverse array of financial fields and project management scenarios.

Job Opportunities for Portfolio Managers

Job Opportunities for Portfolio Managers A portfolio manager manages the assets for management institution with large sums of money while fund manager are responsible for managing the smaller fund assets. In cases, where a portfolio manager is assigned the tasks of managing the assets for a large business organization, he/she is called as a chief investment officer (CIO).

Portfolio Manager: A portfolio manager is widely sought after by pension fund or money management firms. These firms hire portfolio managers for management of the investments done for meeting the specified objectives.

Portfolio managers may be specialized in hedge or commodity funds and adopts diverse approaches ranging from growing stocks to finding the potential clients. A portfolio manager is required to be disciplined and patient. He/she should have immense knowledge of markets conditions and status of companies in the financial sector.

Portfolio Management Marketing: Another job opportunity in the portfolio management is related to the portfolio management marketing. This job position requires the candidate to be very presentable, social and thoughtful. The job involves working in coordination with a portfolio manager and compiling the presentation information for the clients.

The job requires one to have sound knowledge of the company and financial sector. One is required to put in plenty of effort and there is good demand for experienced professionals in the market. These companies look for people who are capable for making reliable suggestions regarding larger investments. This job involves lots of travelling along with handsome pay cheque.

Investment Advisory: The investment advisory job incorporates making reliable suggestions on the investments made by the company. The person is also responsible for evaluation of quantity and analysis of performance. The candidate has to work for the firm that provide individualized analysis for money management firms. The job requires the candidate with thorough knowledge of finance and impressive skills in statistics.

Mutual Fund Analyst: The mutual fund analysts as the name suggests are responsible for performing the evaluation and analyses to large pension or mutual funds prior to making big investments. They determine if the specified bond is secure. In order to determine the interest rate risk, the mutual fund analysts compare convexity and duration. This job requires the candidate to be expert in dealing with computers and programming. This work is very dynamic in nature and involves lot of research.

Hedge Fund Principal/Trader

Hedge funds are considered as private funds that incorporate the investments of large sums in stocks, bonds, currencies, and other securities. There is an excellent demand for analysts and traders in the market as the hedge funds market is booming.

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