MProfit is a basically a desktop portfolio management software that is widely used for tracking LIC policies, stocks, MFs, FDs, ULIPs, insurance policies, property, gold and many other asset classes for Indian investors as well as for NRIs.

Features of Mprofit

Mprofit  · Efficient management of numerous individual and group portfolios

· Tracking the combined investments of the complete family through its grouping feature

· Enables the management of large number of assets such as PPF, ETFs, FDs, Stocks, ULIPs, Insurance policies, Private equity, Bonds, MFs, property, art, gold, silver, and others

· Allows the portfolio managers to import data from online portals, excel sheets, contract notes, CAMS/KARVY, others

· Offers Auto price updates for mutual funds, ETF NAVs and stocks with 15 minutes delay

· Generate reports for, asset allocation, profit/loss reports, annualized returns, capital gains and others

· Allows tracking income from all assets including rental, dividend, interest, and other sources

· Enables the users to set Reminders or Alerts for various activities such as end of lock-in periods, maturity dates and premium dues

· Provides Data Security by saving all the financial data locally on the computer

· Provides Database update for mutual funds, ETFs, newly listed stocks, and company name change updates

· Offers software updates such as newly added reports and features

· Allows varying password controlled access for owner (full access) and users

· Provides support for internet proxy settings

Mprofit for Stock investors

Stock investors can have the following benefits by using Mprofit

· Tracking of the purchase & sale transactions in simplified and known contract note format

· Importing data from multiple brokers and Excel sheets

· Helps in tracking annualized return (XIRR), current value, Daily gain and overall gain

· Provides support for merger & demerger transactions, bonuses, splits, etc

· Generate First In First Out (FIFO) based reports on Intra-day, short term and long term capital gains

· Generate profit/loss reports on the basis of average purchase price for traders

· Tracking dividends obtained from companies

Mprofit for Mutual Fund & ETF investors

Mutual Fund & ETF investors can enjoy the following advantages of Mprofit

· Tracking of purchase & sale transactions

· Managing buy, sell, dividend reinvestment and addition of bonus units

· Enables tracking of mutual fund schemes

· Helps in tracking annualised return (XIRR), current value, Daily gain and overall gain

· Allows the users to import data from mutual fund registrars like CAMS and KARVY and online portals such as Prudent Corporate Advisory,, NJFundz, and others

· Enables the users to set reminder alerts for Lock-in period for MFs

With Mprofit, users can import their Data for variety of sources

· Online portals

· Excel templates

· Back office files

· Digital contract notes


Mprofit allows the portfolio managers to manage Multiple Portfolios & Groups by creating multiple portfolios, grouping the portfolios for creating a family group portfolio, adding portfolio to multiple groups and generating various group reports for tracking the performance of the group portfolio.

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