Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio management services (PMS) are the professional services provided by portfolio managers to help their clients in managing their portfolio efficiently and taking required decisions swiftly. Portfolio managers consider the risk preferences and personal investment goals of their clients and manage their mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

There are many advantages of choosing Portfolio Management Services (PMS) as an alternative to Mutual Funds Services. It is because the portfolio managers provide better services than the product services offered by mutual funds managers.

PMS Services offered by Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Personal Relationship Manager: The portfolio manager acts as a personal relationship manager that enables the client to interact with the fund manager at any given point of time depending on his preference.

Monthly Discussion: Clients can discuss any concerns or issues related to the money or savings with their appointed portfolio manager on monthly basis. The client can interact and discuss regarding any major changes related to the investment strategies and asset allocation.

Asset Allocation: Portfolio Manager assists in the allocation of assets or savings of clients by advising regarding the investments in stocks, bonds or equity funds. The Asset allocation plan is customised as per the risk preference and goals of the clients. This plan is designed by doing the detailed analysis and evaluation of the client’s risk taking capacity, savings pattern, and investment goals.

Timing: Portfolio managers help the clients in taking timely decisions and thereby preserving their money on time. Portfolio management service assists in the allocating of money at precise time in suitable saving plan. Thus, portfolio managers offer their professional and proficient advice to the clients and suggest when the money should be invested in equities or bonds and when it should be taken out from a particular saving plan. Portfolio managers give their recommendations after analysing the market thoroughly. They ask the clients to withdraw their money from market in times big risk in stock market and prevents heavy losses.

Flexibility: Portfolio managers have detailed knowledge of the market conditions and they are the experts of field. They can plan the savings of the client according to his preferences and requirements. It is possible that portfolio managers can invest the client’s money according to his preference as they are specialists of the market. Thus, clients can provide flexibility to the portfolio managers to manage their investment with complete efficiency and effectiveness.

The role of portfolio managers differs from mutual funds services as they are not required to comply with any strict rules regarding making investment of fixed amount of money in a specific mode of investment.

Administration handling: Portfolio management service (PMS) involves handing and care of all type of administrative work by the portfolio managers such as opening a new bank account or taking financial settlement, etc.

Online portfolio Access: Clients can check his portfolio details frequently by accessing the portfolio details online. With Portfolio management service (PMS), clients receive a User-ID and Password for online access to portfolio details.

Tax Management: Portfolio management service (PMS) assists in managing tax of the clients on the basis of detailed statement of the transactions in their portfolio.

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