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PPM Studio is a Project Portfolio Management software program that ensures that every project investment is aligned with the business objectives of the organization. It helps in prioritizing, monitoring and delivering the likely business values.

Benefits of PPM Studio

Competitive evaluation of projects investments

PPM Studio enables the portfolio managers to evaluate the competitive project investments by implementing the PPM Studio Project Governance Framework. Project Portfolio Manager assist the companies in setting up this project governance framework that ensures that any project investment shall be comprehensively analysed in terms of capacity available , business objectives , risks involved, budget required, Return On Investment(ROI), etc. It also allows the PM Managers to rank the portfolio investments among all the competing investments. This exercise is performed for ensuring that vital projects should be accepted and executed.

Enables Real-time visibility across the PortfolioPPM Studio

PM Studio enables the real-time visibility of the projects across the Portfolio. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used for analysing the real time portfolio health for taking corrective and informed decisions on time. It also allows keeping the projects in the portfolio on track to meet the defined objectives.

Enhancing the utilization of resources by using ERP

PPM Studio allows the portfolio managers to use Enterprise Resource Planning tools for enhancing the utilization of resources. It offers clear visibility of resource allocation and its utilization through the projects and business units. The optimal utilization of resource capability is ensured by the skill based resource allocation.

Pipeline Management

PPM Studio Portfolio Manager helps in the determination of ways for executing the projects in the portfolio in a specified time. As there are many projects in the portfolio and limited resources are available for their implementation. Therefore it is important to have a proper pipeline management of the projects in place to ensure that only the best and worthy projects are selected and executed.

PPM Studio enables the portfolio managers in maintaining the projects pipeline for measuring the planned resource allocation and utilization as per the defined strategic plan. The projects execution can be done on the basis of strategic value, business benefits and criticality.

Best Practices

PPM Studio offers the best practices for efficient managements of projects in the portfolio. It enables the portfolio managers to select, execute, monitor and delivery the projects on time. PPM Studio complies with numerous project management methodologies that are widely followed across the world. The portfolio managers can also configure workflows that are specific to the organization.

Efficient Project Portfolio Management

· Allows the portfolio management to organise the projects in groups and leveraging appropriate staff for building a efficient project team

· Leads to the completion on projects on time and there are no project delays due to lack of enough resources

· Effective utilisation of the key project contributors so that they are available on time for executing the projects

· Project status remain stable for longer duration

· Cooperation between various departments and sub-organizations for achieving the portfolio goals by using available resources

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