Project Portfolio Management Software

There are many Project portfolio management softwares’ available that are designed for effective implementation of the Project portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular Project portfolio management softwares are mentioned below.

Project Portfolio Management Software Atlantic Global Project Portfolio Management Software

Atlantic Global PLC is a famous Project Portfolio Management Software provider that improves the set up, communication and delivery of projects across the organisation. This project portfolio software allows the companies to get benefitted by providing following advantages.

· Achievement of long-standing strategic objectives

· Better communication of information

· Greater organisational efficiency

· Securing the investment in portfolio

· Optimisation of resources

· Maximise business opportunities

· Real-time business critical information

This software enables the following functionality across various sections.

Demand Planning

· Create Weekly and Monthly Demand

· Forecast Resource Demand

· Quickly input Multiple Demand Lines

· Import Demand

· Copy Demand from existing Forecasts

Expenditure Planning

· Input Weekly or Monthly Expenditure

· Forecast Project expenditure

· Quickly input Multiple Expenditure Lines

· Copy Expenditure from existing Forecasts

Resource Management

· Claim Supplied Resources

· Analyse Resource Allocations by Project

· Allocate Resources

· Analyse Resource Capability

Financial Management

· Manually input Project Budgets

· Create Budgets on the basis of Resource and Expenditure Forecasts

· Forecast Resource Demand and Expenditure

· Create multiple Budget versions

· Create Baseline Budgets

Daptiv Project Portfolio Management Software

Daptiv is considered as the leading on-demand PPM solution that has more than 80,000 subscribers. It provides assistance to various companies in improving the execution of their strategic planning. It offers flexible PPM solutions along with professional services by experts.

Popular Daptiv PPM Solutions

· Daptiv PPM for IT: It offers a widespread set of tools that allows the companies to manage their IT portfolio along with the maintenance of balance between IT initiatives and business priorities continuously.

· Daptiv PPM for Enterprise PMO: It assists companies with Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMO) to manage work holistically and align strategically across the company.

· Daptiv PPM for PMO: It assists companies with Program Management Offices (EPMO) in the management of their risks, resources, budget and schedule across numerous projects.

· Daptiv PPM for Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB): It assists the smaller companies in managing the projects and enhances the teamwork for achieving business success. project portfolio management software is a Web Based Project Management Software that maximizes the productivity of any company by assisting in tracking a portfolio of projects as well as single project. It addresses the requirements of complete project including portfolio managers, project managers, team members and executives. It offers accurate information on the status of all the projects in the portfolio and delivers the real-time reporting for tracking the distributed projects.

Empower Teams: It empowers project team members by providing the complete project workspace for logging and managing their individual contributions.

Drive Collaboration: It incorporates various unified social media tools that enable information sharing across the project life cycle.

Maximize Accountability: It enables the Project Managers to track the progress of projects with exceptional accountability and keeps them on tight budget and schedule.

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