Stock Portfolio Management Software

There are many stock portfolio management softwares’ available that are designed for effective implementation of the portfolio strategies by using the available resources. Some of the popular stock portfolio management softwares are mentioned below.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is basically a personal stock portfolio management system that enables the traders to track the sold and bought stocks along with any related dividends by investing minimal time and effort. Traders can maintain a complete stock trading diary without need to update a spreadsheet continually. This information is of utmost importance for improving the trading strategy.

Traders can view the performance of their portfolio anytime throughout the year. Traders can have the knowledge of their current status of their portfolio by analysing the statistics on open trades as well as historical trades.

With portfolio managers, traders can generate easy to use reports without any hassle and paperwork. It also allows them to make savings by avoiding the accountant fees.

Stock Portfolio Management SoftwareAdvantages of Portfolio Manager

· Easy to use wizards that allows quick and simplified data entry.

· Auto or manual stock price updates

· Management of multiple Portfolios

· Tracking of all the stock transactions and related dividends

· Enables the traders to sell shares for gaining maximum tax benefits

· Facility of optional accounts that allows the traders to track total used funds and available funds

· Incorporates the information regarding the trading plan like disaster stops targets etc

· Allows the traders to maintain Trade diary for storing any extra information

· Generates quick and easily available reports

· Ensures data security as the portfolio is stored on individual’s PC only

Personal Stock Monitor

Personal Stock Monitor is basically a portfolio management system by CollabInvest(sm) and Integrated Trading. It allows the traders to manage all of their investment accounts, holdings and watchlists in one place. Traders can work together with their friends in realtime. It also allows the traders to do tracking, trading and research more opportunities quickly. Investors can make quick and better decisions by easily available analysis.

Personal Stock Monitor provides following benefits for the investors.

· New stock screener support

· Portfolio management and reports

· Script extensions and customization

· Technical analysis with custom indicators

· Up-to-the-minute news and research

· Streaming real-time quotes and charts

· Easy chart and portfolio sharing

· Receive trade confirmations

· Alerts, including email and SMS

· Place live orders


Investar is a Stock Portfolio Management Software that offers wide range of benefits for anyone who likes to invest in Indian Stock Market including Portfolio Managers, Broker, Chartered Accountant, Technical Analyst, Short-Term/Long-Term Trader, Day Trader, student, and any other individual Investor.

Benefits for Traders

· Traders can get new Stock Ideas daily and analyze the fundamentals for selecting the stocks for investing.

· Traders can make correct decisions about buying or selling by analyzing the Technical aspects.

· Enables the traders to import transactions effortlessly from the broker and continuously track the portfolio.

· Traders can utilise the portfolio technical view for keeping track of the technical pictures of all the Portfolio Holdings.

· Traders can improve his/her buy/sell timings with the help from portfolio Buys/Sells on the Chart.

· Traders can utilize effective Money Management principles by applying Portfolio Alerts and Stop Losses.

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